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Our Constitution......

Our Constitution was agreed by a majority of those present at our GM in October 2015. Please click below to read it.

Constitution (Draft Vs 3 - 8 Oct) for 13 10 15.pdf

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Summer is on its way (believe it or not).
It’s time for a new start in Lilford Park.

Let’s turn over a new leaf!
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The Friends of Lilford Park CIC
This is an important announcement: 

At the FOLP General Meeting held on the 4th April, the Directors of the FoLP CIC informed members present that they would be standing down from further activity at the end of July i.e. following the Rock ‘n’ Stroll Event (see our event link at top of page)  FoLP are100% behind this exciting event as it will be the present team’s ‘swan-song’. This does not mean that Lilford Park will be left to drift back into the decay and neglect it experienced before FoLP! 

A further General Meeting will be called in August for members to decide what the future holds for the Friends and how the current budget is to be allocated.

It is time for some fresh blood to get involved and continue the good work.  There is still much to be achieved and we appeal to local people to demonstrate that it can be done. The present Directors will retire at the end of the FOLP CIC financial year (13th December 2017) and (we hope) hand over to the new team.

For more details of the actions agreed by the FOLP members present at the 4/4/17 General meeting, please click on our Notes of Meeting below:

                                   Minutes GM 04 04 17.pdfWelcome_files/Minutes%20GM%2004%2004%2017.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0